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The use of textiles in my work is a way to act as a connecting device to a larger world which is like weaving a string of thoughts together in some mysterious way. Akin to the consciousness embedded in the wefts and warps of our cells that the body weaves in layers, the epithelial, the conjunctive, the nervous, and the muscular.  So, goes the work.

Constructed from cast-off textiles and found objects my work is dependent on the materials at hand: ranging from a massive tarpaulin found in a farmer’s barn; to skeins of wool roping; or used saris found in India. Stripped of their commercial value, the objects reveal an underlying beauty independent of its former function.

The found materials undergo a variety of alterations using techniques which modifies the original and reveals the maker’s hand.  One goal is to honour the modifications and imperfections as a natural occurrence in the cycle of life.  A sense of optimism is inherent in giving a new narrative to discarded junk. 









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